August 13, 2008

I’m going to make this short and sweet because I feel like complete dung, and have for the last day, or two.  I don’t know what it is – “made up” symptoms (because it’s way too early for “real” ones) or the side effects from the Climara (estrogen) patches, but I have had ZERO appetite (Jeff practically had to force me to eat dinner tonight), my stomach hurts really bad, and I just feel like I’m going to hurl 24/7.  Poor me.  =(  Ah well, it will all be worth it when I find out I’m pregnant and I can start popping Zofran when I feel like this!

Anyway, I really didn’t mean to hurt my other friends’ feelings by the post below (titled “I have to do this”).  Anyone who knows me knows that my friends are so important to me, and I love each and every one of them.  I’m especially lucky because as I’ve always had lots of friends, now in my 30’s I still have lots of GOOD friends.  Friends I could count on to do ANYTHING for me, just as they could count on me to do anything for them.  I just wanted to point out how important it was to have friends like this, and I made examples out of those who came to visit me over the last week, or so.  This isn’t to say that a big handful of other girls didn’t offer to come hang out with me, bring me stuff, etc – I just didn’t have the time for everyone (which makes me feel SO LOVED), so I had to turn some people away.  I also know that my buddies have their own (busy) lives, and some couldn’t come see me while I was on bed rest – it just didn’t work with their schedules.  I still realize how much these people care about me, and I’m so damn lucky to have them in my life – they can (and will) be there for me when I REALLY need help – like maybe when I have two screaming babies and need a sanity break!  LOL!

I just wanted to clarify that all of my friends mean the world to me.  The ones I’ve had since middle school who still shoot me an email every once and a while to give me a virtual (((hug))), the ones I met when I first moved to Denver, and the ones I’ve met and bonded with through the internet.  And if this were a blog dedicated to my friends, I could write an entry every single day on something sweet this friend did, or that friend said to me.  But it’s not, so just know that I am so blessed to have the amazing group of friends I have – believe me, they are the best!



3 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. Angelika said

    Kerry wouldn’t let me come over because I would steal Rex. Just so everyone knows.

    And I really would steal him…but I still love you Kerry!

  2. Ann said

    Who couldn’t like you?!? I must have missed something! I’ll kick their ass when I get back from Florida.

    Now, rest up, Momma!

  3. Tara said

    I. Love. You.

    Carry on…

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