I have to do this (LONG)

August 12, 2008

I have to do this.  I have to pimp out my friends.  They have been GREAT.  I mean, better than I would have ever expected (no offense guys).  I am so incredibly lucky to have the kind of friends I have…and sometimes I think I take their friendships for granted, and that sucks.  If I have, I’m so sorry.  What’s even more cool about these friends (and some might think it’s dorky, but whatever), is that I met most of them online.  Yes, my name is Kerry, and I meet friends online.  I don’t know why I’ve been embarrassed (in the past) to admit that, but I’m sure as hell not ashamed to admit that now!  Why should I be embarrassed of the relationships that will likely carry me through most of my adult years?  Of the wonderful group of women I’ve met in online chat rooms that have helped me through the most difficult times and laughed with me through the most wonderful times of the last few years?  Of the girls I’ve met whose children will (hopefully) someday play with ours?  Screw that.  I’m proud to be friends with each one of these girls!

It was really hard just picking up and moving here eight years ago.  I left all of my friends, my sister, and everything I knew about life to start over and not know one single person in Denver except my aunt Jan.  I missed my friends so much that I went back home like, every two weeks, just because I wasn’t finding anyone I really “clicked” with here.  It took a while.  I was the “new girl”, and IT SUCKED. 

As a matter of fact, one of my good friends, Biz, actually called me “new girl” once at work (we met while working together at the Macaroni Grill in Cherry Creek) – as in, “what does the new girl want?”, as I’m literally standing right there.  LOVED HER!  She went on to being in Jeff and I’s wedding, and still being one of my bestest friends, although I don’t see her as often as I would like.  She spent two days with me in the last week, bringing me lunch both times, and bringing me a cool lotion from my favorite bath & body store, melt, today.  She did this all while suffering through the allergies that she has to my dogs, and never once complained about the fact that she sneezed about 400 times today.  Gosh, I love that girl!

Maureen is another girl I met at the Mac Shack – I instantly liked her because she just didn’t give a crap about being the “new girl”.  When she came to work at the Grill, I had only been there for a month, or two, and so I was still fairly new.  We all used to sit at a table near the front to eat our lunch after the lunch shift, and when Mo brought her plate to the table, there were only two or three seats left.  When she went to sit down, one of the bitchy girls (who no one EVER talked back to) exclaimed, “umm, somebody’s sitting there,” in a really snotty voice.  No one was sitting there.  So, Mo pulls out another chair on the other side of the table, and asks, in an equally snotty voice, “Is anyone sitting here?”  It was AWESOME!!!!  I knew right at that moment that we would be good friends.  She spent the Friday night before our embryo transfer with me, eating Chinese, watching TV, and eventually crashing on my couch.  She was there in the morning to wish us luck and give me a hug before the ET, and that really meant so much to me.

I met my friend, Beth, on Sparkpeople (a free website to help you lose weight and get into shape) when I lost 30 pounds two years ago.  We had always hit it off on the message boards on Sparkpeople, so when we met in person at a get together, I was so excited…I really was the most excited to meet her out of all of the other women.  We hugged, and I just knew there was something there.  That was about two and a half years ago, and we have already been through a lot together – she was supposed to be my buddy who I’d be pregnant with (since most of my other friends already had kids), but she got lucky and got pregnant the first month of trying (LUCKY!!).  Little did I know, and I just found this out last week, she felt really, really bad about that, and thought I would be mad at her, etc, when it happened.  She told me how grateful she was that we still had our friendship, and I told her that I can’t imagine NOT being friends with her – she’s just so great!  She brought over her kiddos, Christian, & Lily, last week and brought me a hot dog from my favorite hot dog joint on Colfax.  Christian got to play Wii Sports on the projection screen, and I got to hold Lily, so all was good! 

Finally, a big group of girls who I am friends with “IRL” (message board lingo for “in real life”) are from this website called “the Nest”.  It all started when Jeff and I were planning our wedding, and I found “the Knot”, which is a wedding planning website.  I posted questions every once and a while on the message boards on the Knot, and would almost always get a response, which was really cool.  It only seemed natural that I “graduate” to the Nest, which is a website designed for married women.  Duh!  This is where I have made some lifetime friends.  Because of the Nest, I’m in a cooking club (don’t laugh, Jeff usually cooks my food, and I bring it, and everyone knows it, I don’t try to hide it), and if I’m craving a certain cuisine, I can have about 10 recommendations in under two minutes.  I know all about having babies, husbands that don’t pull their weight around the house, and if I need “positive vibes”, “juju”, or just a virtual (((hug))), I just ask, and will receive.  I am especially close with a big handful of these girls, otherwise known as “Nesties”, and I really couldn’t ask for a better group of friends.

Some of these girls have come to visit me over the last week, and I just wanted to personally thank them by name in this post.  Thanks to Kate & her daughter, Reese, for coming over and bringing me homemade oatmeal butterscotch coconut cookies (I know, YUM), and for keeping me entertained with Reese’s emptying of Rex’s toy box and her mom’s purse.  Good times!  Kate is one of those girls who would seriously do anything for anyone, whether she loved them, or hated them (although she would NEVER admit this).  So thanks for the awesome company and the DELICIOUS cookies, Kate!

Thanks to Molly, Porche, her dog, Luca, Katey, Liz, and daughter, Avery, for coming over yesterday for the pizza party.  I was happy to provide you all with pizza for the great conversation and company.  Molly, Liz, and I email during my work day (makes the day go by faster), and we have gotten a lot closer the last few months.  Molly was one of my infertility buddies, but is currently 18 weeks pregnant (YAY!), so I’m looking forward to joining her really soon!  Liz introduced me to “So You Think I Can Dance”, which I will still say is a little weird, but I still watch it every so often.  We have “girls nights” (with some other Nesties) every once and a while at this Mexican joint, Hacienda, and it’s always such a great time.  I really think I’m a better person for having met both of them.  Porche is a great friend, too.  And she makes the BOMB ASS cupcakes.  Seriously.  If I ever thought I would be so obsessed with cupcakes, I would have opened up my own damn bakery, but instead I have Porche.  The girl is a giver, always thinking about others before she thinks of herself, and I really admire that about her (mostly because I’m the same way, and it’s not easy being such a “people-pleaser”).  She has been through a lot in the last couple of years, and with being a new business owner she is ALWAYS busy, yet can always find time to squeeze in an email or text to let you know she’s thinking about you.  She spent a good portion of her only day off during the week coming to see me – if that doesn’t tell you how great she is, I don’t know what does. 

Lillian is one of my newer friends from the Nest, and it’s too bad really, since she’s moving back to Pennsylvania this fall.  Boo.  Lillian, and her ADORABLE daughter, Amelia, came over to bring me breakfast this morning (Duffyrolls), and that’s not all.  Upon my request, she also bought me some mini Duffyrolls that I can bring to work tomorrow to thank my co-workers for picking up the slack while I’ve been gone.  Nothing like having friends who will run errands for you!  We had some Duffyrolls, decaf coffee, and some great conversation as I was on my last day of bed rest today (but working from home).  It was a great distraction from work for an hour, or so, and Lillian has this crazy positive energy surrounding her, so when she left, I actually felt better (I was feeling kind of crummy this morning).  Thanks, Lil!

There are a whole slew of Nesties who offered to come over to bring food, trashy mags, ice cream, and the like, but never came over because I just couldn’t “squeeze them in”  with everything else going on.  But I will thank all of you girls for thinking of me, and for offering to be at my beck and call when I needed friends the most.  Just know that if you need anything – ANYTHING – you can count on me!  Thanks for being so freakin’ great!!!!!!


I’m officially off bed rest today, so it’s back to work tomorrow for me!  I actually can’t wait, I’ve been sooo good at not moving around much the last three days, that I NEED to move tomorrow.  I will start off my day by seeing Carol, my acupuncturist, at 8:30, and then it’s to work my first full day since last Friday (although I put in 9.5 hours today from home…).



5 Responses to “I have to do this (LONG)”

  1. Beth M said

    Awwwww!!!!!! I feel blessed, honored and incredibly happy to be counted among your friends. You have always been a wonderful friend to me and I just can’t wait to see where this next chapter in our lives takes us! You are going to be the BEST mom, and I will be here for you for anything you need! (Especially those late nights when your baby won’t go to sleep and you need advice =D

    Love you girl!!!

  2. Robin said

    It sounds like you are very blessed with friends. That is so wonderful. I am glad you had so much support this weekend. I wish I could have seen you. I hope we can get together soon…and celebrate your BFP!! =)

  3. ehiwv said

    awww…..i’m just so glad that i get to be your friend, even if we did meet on the internet. i totally agree that this group of women i’ve been blessed to meet is the most amazing, loving, lovely, group of hotassbitches ever!

  4. Tara said

    Now I feel like a complete tool. 🙂 But I’m so glad you feel so loved…you’re a very very lucky girl!!!

  5. Molly said

    I LOVE you Ker!

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