How could I forget about my BFF?!?!?

August 12, 2008

Geez, how silly of me.  I forgot to give mad props to my BFF, who just happens to be my husband.  My former BFF was the guy from a few pages back that I severed ties with because he didn’t think that infertility was “that big of a deal” (he never emailed me back when I told him I missed our friendship a few weeks ago, by the way).  It was devastating to cut out someone from my life who had been there for over 20 years, but that was done over a year ago, and I’m just fine, mostly thanks to Jeff, who filled the role of my BFF perfectly.

He’s been my numero uno, partner in crime, and main squeeze for seven and a half years – sometimes I cannot BELIEVE we’ve been married for almost 5 years (our anniversary is on August 29th), because it’s been so damn good.  We’re totally still in the “honeymoon” phase, and while those may think I’m just bragging, anyone who really knows us knows this to be true.  I know my parents are proud of me for the decision I made to marry him, since some of my ex-boyfriends (especially the one right before Jeff) weren’t really what you would call “quality” guys.  I’m so glad I married him, too.  I married a smart, sexy, sensitive, sweet guy that loves me unconditionally and would seriously do anything for me (although he would never admit to that).  I married into a great family, who has been loving and supportive, and has loved me as if I’m one of their own, and that’s awesome.  I’m so blessed.

Jeff has been terrific the last three days (and especially Saturday and Sunday), with regards to taking care of me and making sure that I have everything I need.  I cannot believe how strict he has been with me though, holy cow!  He would actually question whether I really had to pee, or if I was just going to the bathroom so that I could stand up and move around a little (I really had to pee, but the stretching was nice, too)!  He has done laundry, taken care of the dogs, rubbed my sore (from the intra-muscular injections) booty, bought me a new and improved heating pad, bought me my favorite foods and snacks, and literally every waking hour, has asked me if I need anything.  He is going to be an amazing father, and I just feel so happy that we finally have the chance for him to actually be one…

I’m so lucky that my husband can also double as my best friend…not a lot of women have that with their husbands, which is fine, but I’m just so glad to have that with mine.

I love you, honey!!!



3 Responses to “How could I forget about my BFF?!?!?”

  1. Robin said

    YAY Jeff. You are such a blessing. Thanks for the good food at CC too! =)

  2. Sean said

    What’s up J&K. It’s your favorite friend from NC. Just working late out here and thought I would say hello. Wishing you the best as always. And by the way, your wedding was sick. I think I’m still hungover from it 5 years later. Good seein ya in Denver over Memorial Day! Don’t be a stranger.

  3. Jeff said

    I Love You Sweetie!

    I did\do all of those things 1 because I love you and 2 because that’s what I am supposed to do as a husband and best friend. You would do the same for me if I were in a situation that had me on bed rest. We found each other by chance but it ended up being a great thing. We complement each other because deep down we are so in sync and even if on the outside we are completely different.

    Not a lot of men have what I have in a husband. I bet if every wife were as lenient as you are with me there would be less wars in the world.


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