Bed rest is boring

August 10, 2008

I know several friends who would cringe at the title of this post, as one of them spent about a little over two MONTHS in and out of the hospital on bed rest (and ended up having their little girl at, I think, 29 weeks), but I’m going to whine for a bit.  I’m so bored.  I’ve surfed the net for a good 5 or 6 hours today, and watched entirely too much television.  I don’t know what it is, but I have ZERO interest in reading one of the many books I’ve been waiting for a moment like this to read, so I haven’t. 

Jeff’s mom, dad, and brother (and Hona the dog) came over tonight for dinner.  They brought us BBQ from Caldonia’s, and it was GOOD.  I hadn’t eaten very much today, so I cleaned my plate – I got a pulled pork sandwich, homemade chips, and a pickle.  Yum.  Thanks mom, dad, and bro!  And thanks to mom for taking Freddie for a walk tonight – he has been a little bit depressed as we haven’t taken him out to walk in a good week.  Jeff and I showed everyone pictures of our little embryos, and they thought they were pretty cool.  I can’t wait for Jeff to post them tomorrow for you all to see – I just can’t believe how stinkin’ cool they are, I can’t quit looking at them!

I did take a few pictures today, just to document that my husband has really been helping me around the house…







What a smartass!

I also took a cute little pic of Rexy…

Tomorrow should be fun – I have a few friends coming over for lunch, and we are going to order pizza.  No offense to Jeff, but I will be glad to have some female interaction after two days of just Jeff, I, and the dogs.



6 Responses to “Bed rest is boring”

  1. Ivory said

    I will admit that I LMAO at the title of this post 😉 It’s actually the first days that are the hardest, then you get used to sitting on your a$$. But remember, it’s all for a good cause and someday you’ll be able to hold it over your child’s head 😉

  2. jkmastera said

    Oh damn! I was hoping you wouldn’t read this, Ivory! LOL!!! I swear I’m trying not to complain, but man – my body is so sore from not moving for two days!


  3. Angelika said

    Rex will be mine – ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL mine.

    Oh wait, that’s not what I meant to write…that’s supposed to be a secret.

    I am sorry you are so bored. I wish I could come for lunch today, but duty calls!!! Maybe give Rex dreads – that will take up some time.

  4. Beth M said

    Hey girl! Call me, K? I want to bring by something but I have a question about it first.


  5. Lanie & Shane said

    I feel better that you are not reading either. I have about 20 books by my bedside that I haven’t touched.

  6. Kresha said

    I have a feeling you better get used to bedrest (twins tend to do that to ya) but its all worth it!! Those pictures are amazing.

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