A few random ramblings…

August 6, 2008

I will warn you ahead of time – this post will have absolutely no flow or coherence, and I blame that on me being completely sedentary for the last almost 60 hours.  I just wanted to post about several things that I have forgotten over the last few days…

At the ER on Monday, I was wearing my “lucky” Nebraska shirt that has an outline of the state of Nebraska, with the saying “Nebraska is a great shucking state” written across the outline.  It always gets a lot of laughs, and that’s when I normally quiet the laughs by telling the person laughing that I’m from Nebraska.  Living in the state of Colorado, that’s when I usually get the “oh, I’m sorry”, or “that must have sucked”, to which I usually respond, “oh, not really…”  Anywho, come to find out that the anesthesiologist went to college at UNL!  He was originally from New York, and joked that he went to Nebraska because they were the only college that let him into medical school (uh yeah, not really funny when you’re about to go under).  He was great though, definitely putting my mind at ease since I was so incredibly nervous about being under anesthesia for the first time in my life.  When he gave me the first mini-dose, he grabbed my hand and said, “for our first course, we will start off with a very nice apertif that I promise will go well with what you will be having this morning…”and holy cow, it very well could have been an aperitif, it made me really loopy, kind of like how I feel after a few glasses of vino.  It was awesome that he had such a great sense of humor because I think he really helped me to calm down.  After the second mini-dose of anesthesia, I was done.  I don’t even remember meeting Dr. A, or anything else after that.  The next thing I remembered was waking up and asking (for the fourth time, unbeknown to me) how many eggs we got.  Sweeeeet.  I didn’t wake up during the procedure like I thought I would!

Now I just have to brag about my friends.  I can’t tell you how many of them have written me from across the country, how many have called, and how many of them have expressed the most amazing outpouring of support that I could ever ask for.  Some of these friends I talk to every week, others I haven’t really “talked” to (other than a few emails here and there) for years, yet they are still behind Jeff and I 110%.  Saying “thank you” seems so generic, as I say “thank you” all the time without giving it much thought.  If I had a way to say “thank you” and really, really mean it with every ounce of my being; like it was the last “thank you” I had to give out so I really had to make it mean something, I would say that (only to each one of these people).  Let me tell you, each email I get, each phone call I get – I’m immediately on the phone or email with Jeff to let him know, and I honestly believe that everyone’s thoughts, positive thinking, and prayers have made a difference in how successful this process has been so far.  So this is not just another generic “thank you” to everyone, but THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I started these injections today, the first one was hCG (yes, the same thing I used to “trigger” ovulation, but in a smaller dose), and the second one was PIO (progesterone-in-oil).  The first one was a breeze, and I will do two more of the hCG low-dose injections in the next few days, mostly for luteal phase (the 10-14 day period after ovulation) support.  That was a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection in my lower abdomen, so no biggie (just when my bruises were clearing up).  The PIO injection, on the other hand, is a PITA (pain in the ass)…literally.  OMFG it hurt like hell.  Not only is it an intra-muscular injection, so the needle is thick and LONG, but it’s an oil-based medication, so it’s THICK.  I iced my booty before Jeff stuck it in me (hahaha, that’s what she said), so I didn’t really feel it going in, but I could feel the oil entering my muscle – ewwwwwwww!  It was sooo uncomfortable, and my ass in on FIRE right now.  I took the advice from some seasoned PIO’ers, who have said to apply a hot pad to the injection site afterwards, and have Jeff deep massage the area tonight at bedtime, so we’ll see if that works.  All I know is that this injection is a daily thing (at 6 a.m. every morning no less), until I’m at least 6-8 weeks pregnant.  YIKES!!!!  Hey, if it works, then will have all been worth it, right?

I think that’s about it for now, I’m off to bed.  I have to go to the RE tomorrow morning to get blood drawn (so they can monitor my progesterone and estrogen levels), and then it’s back to work!  I’m actually really excited to go back to work, as I just think too much and over-analyze when I’m stuck at home – plus, I miss my work buddies.  Finally, a picture, just because…

We filled up our Sharps container already...where do we put the needles now?!?!

We filled up our Sharps container already...where do we put the needles now?!?!

We won’t get anymore updates from the embryologist tomorrow or Friday, so please keep our little embabies in your thoughts and prayers, and hope that they continue to divide like good little embryos, so that we have several Grade A+ embryos to choose from on Saturday.  Thank you so much to everyone who reads our blog and follows us on this roller coaster of a journey!  We love you!!!



11 Responses to “A few random ramblings…”

  1. Debbie said

    Hey! Just read the blog. Can’t wait to hear more on Friday. You are a real tuff cookie with all of those shots. OUCH! I am thinking of you and Jeff and cannot wait to hear the good news that will be coming soon. Miss ya Debbie

  2. shawnandlarissa said

    Better run out and get another sharps container. I’m sure you’ll be doing those PIO shots for a long time.

  3. Molly S said

    I’m so sorry to hear about the oil shots. Those are the absolute worst! Keep up the ice and heat routine.

  4. Felicia said

    Grow, embabies, grow! We love you guys!!

  5. Ann said

    Congratulations! I’ll be thinking of you on Saturday morning!

  6. Roxy said

    We are still praying for you and your little growing guys. I get they are really cute cells.

  7. Robin said

    Oh Kerry, I just can’t tell you how excited I am for you. All of this good news is so wonderful! I will continue to pray and I can’t wait to hear more good news on Saturday! Sorry about the shots. Ouch!!

  8. Kresha said

    OOOOOOOOH I am so excited for you guys, how amazing!! Yikes your butt muscles are gonna be tuff:) Ill be thinking of ya Sat.

  9. Brandi said

    Just wanted to write and say that I will be thinking about you and Jeff tomorrow! Sending TONS of positive thoughts your direction.

  10. Keri said

    Hey Kerry… thanks for being so great about my trival junk when this is such a monumental time in your own life.. you rock!

    Take the full sharps container back to where ever you got it, they should take it for you and dispose of it properly… And I see that you have the small version, they sell bigger ones at most pharmacys – you might want to get one of those, just so you don’t have to switch out so often…
    I will be sitting on that mountain thinking of you and Jeff on Saturday…

  11. Jen said

    Hey! I’m so glad to hear that you are up on your feet and that everything went great!!!! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this with you. We’ve been praying for you all week and so excited for the 11! I got to see a little of the footage from Monday and it’s really good. And no worries, Joe was very discreet, but he did get a few funny Kerry ramblings on the “apertif”. We Love you and can’t wait to hear how everything goes tomorrow. We’ll be thinking and praying for you and your em-babies!!!

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