Fertilization report IN!!!

August 5, 2008

The good news just keeps on coming.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that out of the 16 eggs they got yesterday, 15 of those eggs were actually mature enough to be injected with Jeff’s sperm.  They told us to expect that around 80% of those fertilized eggs, now called embryos, would make it overnight, and they did!  This morning, at 10 a.m., we got the call from our embryologist that 11 of those embryos survived overnight!!!  We cannot stop smiling, we are so happy!!!!!

Sherri (the embryologist) will call again tomorrow morning and let us know how many embryos we have on track (it may not be all 11), and if we will be doing a 3-day transfer on Thursday, or a 5-day (also called a blastocyst) transfer on Saturday.  We’ll explain the difference between the two options so you all understand (sometimes it’s even hard for us to understand all of this…).

As soon as they fertilized each of Kerry’s eggs with one of Jeff’s sperm, they placed each embryo in a tiny little incubator to grow.  They will only grow and divide in the incubators for up to 5 days, at which point they will either need to be placed back into Kerry’s uterus, or frozen for use at a later time.  At 3 days past the egg retrieval, the embryos have four to eight cells, and the problem here is that normally, around day three (past ovulation), the embryos are found in the fallopian tubes, and NOT in the uterus, so sometimes they don’t implant.  It’s also a bit harder to pick the best candidates for implanting, as they haven’t gone through much cell division.  The other problem with transferring on Day 3 is that some of the embryos don’t have the capacity to continue development, and will not continue to divide as they should.  Basically, if the embryos are of poorer quality, and not as “high grade” as they would like to see them, they will do a 3 Day transfer. 

If they continue to divide, they will make it to a 5 Day transfer, and will be called “blastocysts”, meaning they have lots of cells, sometimes up to 120 of them (the outer cells will become the placenta, how cool is that?)!!!  Blastocyst transfers typically correlate with higher pregnancy rates, which is why a 5 Day transfer is more desirable and costs $2K more than a 3 Day transfer does at our clinic.  It is easier for the embryologist to choose which blastocysts to transfer, and it’s easier to tell the quality blastos from the not-so-good ones on Day 5, therefore your rates for a successful pregnancy are higher.

Does that all make sense?  Yeah, we didn’t think so.  We’re still in the process of learning all about this, and feel like we’re in high school all over again (but this time, we’re really, really paying attention).  This is by far the most expensive, most emotional “class” we’ve ever taken!  LOL!



13 Responses to “Fertilization report IN!!!”

  1. Beth K said

    Good luck on multiple cell divisions!!

  2. Felicia said

    Yay! Grow, cells, grow! I hope you get tons to implant as well as to freeze.

    Question though: if it is easier for the clinic to do a 5DT, and results in a higher success rate (which you would presume would bring them more clients and more revenue), why do they charge so much more for it? Does it really cost that much to incubate the embryos for two extra days? I am not trying to badmouth your clinic in any way but that seems like highway robbery!

  3. Lillian said


  4. Jaime said

    That is great! We will keep our fingers crossed for Saturday!

  5. Larissa said

    Everything sounds great! Grow embies!

  6. Ann said

    Kerry, I’m so happy for you and Jeff! What incredible news! I’ll continue sending you all of my juju from Florida! Looking forward to the next update, Ann

  7. Megan said

    Hooray! Hopefully those cells are replicating like crazy! I will pray that Saturday is magic day for you!

  8. jd and em said

    Holy Shit! So does this mean that you’ll be pregnant this weekend? Or am I misunderstanding?
    I am sooooooooooo excited for you guys!
    Jeni and I have been crossing our fingures for you both!
    JD and Em

  9. Tarah said

    OMG Girl!!!! What exciting news to get. 🙂 I’m so happy that you have wonderful embabies and can’t wait to hear more. I’m hoping for a 5 day transfer for you guys.

  10. Marci said

    Divide embies divide!

    Sending lots of good thoughts for you!

  11. Kristin said

    I hope the good news continued yet again today. I’ve been thinking about you!

  12. Kari said

    Yeah!! How amazing!! I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!

  13. jkmastera said

    To answer your question, Felicia…

    It’s not that it’s “easier” for them to do a 5 Day, they actually have to spend an additional two days of monitoring and incubating the embryos to make sure all is well. Embryologists are paid VERY well, so I’m sure that’s where the extra money comes into play. And really, when you’re talking about dropping $18K, what’s an additional $2K?

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