Three things…

August 2, 2008

1.  We totally forgot to congratulate Jeff’s cousin, Molly, and her husband, Brett – they found out this week that they are having TWIN GIRLS!!!!  So exciting!  Congrats, you two!  And good luck!

2.  We went out for dinner last night with Kerry’s “cycle buddy”, L,  (we are both doing our egg retrievals within an hour of each other on Monday morning), her husband, S, and her sister, T, who is coincidentally donating her eggs to L & S.  It was amazing.  The bond that our friend and her sister (who is really her ex-step sister, but you would never know) share is really strong, and between the five of us, there was so much love and emotion at the table it was just…really neat (too tired to think of a better word).  We shared stories, and the girls shared a few tears just thinking about how amazing this whole experience is for all of us.  We are all so blessed.  Our apologies to T for Kerry’s foul mouth…she knows she really need to tone it down when she’s outside the walls of our own house…

3.  …and speaking of profanity, we must apologize to those who we offend with our (mostly Kerry’s) language.  We have recently learned that several family members (and maybe even some friends) don’t like to come to our blog because of the four-letter words that seem to pop up every once and a while.  We never meant to chase people away because of a few “naughty” words here and there, so we will try our hardest to be more “PG-13”, rather than “R”.  Right now, we need ALL THE SUPPORT we can get, and don’t want to turn anyone off because we get a little riled up every now and again.

That’s all for now, good night.



8 Responses to “Three things…”

  1. Nicole said

    I LIKE the profanity 🙂 it keeps it real. You guys are going through an incredible experience right now, and it deserves some real language.

    As far as I am concerned, don’t change!

  2. Molly S said

    How sweet! Thank you for recognizing us. It will be the two of you in a couple of months! And as for the cussing – I believe someone said the same thing over at Matt Logelin’s blog and people got really upset with the lady who commented about how offended she was. Its your page – say whatever you want.

  3. Porche said

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful to your family members, but I don’t think you should change your language one bit at all. This is a very personal journey and you are sharing it as the Jeff and Kerry who we know and love. It is authentic, moving, painful and, soon to be, joyful!


  4. Ondrea said

    wow – I must have a trucker mouth/mind as I don’t even notice the profanity. Sorry! I understand you wanting all the support you can get so go ahead and make it PG13 and #*#(%!@(% the curse words. Hopefully your family & friends know and love you just the way you are! ((hugs))

  5. ehiwv said

    huh? swear words? i didn’t even notice, but you know that i have a rotten ol’ potty mouth. be authentic, be yourself. you are going through an incredibly stressful experience, sometimes the only words that can even come close to summing up your feelings are the ones that are raw and offensive. so be it.

  6. Angelika said

    I didn’t notice the bad words either! Oh well. Hooray for Monday. I am so excited for you guys. Take care of yourself – I know you said you don’t feel well AT ALL. Just spend today resting up for the big day tomorrow.

  7. Felicia said

    I didn’t notice any bad words either. I tend to notice them more in speaking than in writing though. I love reading your blog! Can’t wait to read all about the pregnancy!

  8. Brandi said

    I just got back from vacation and rushed onto the computer to check your blog for updates. I’ll be sending TONS of positive thoughts your direction tomorrow!!! I’m just so thrilled for the two of you!

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