Greetings from Wyoming!

August 31, 2008

Hi all!

Jeff, Freddie, Rex, and I all took off yesterday morning for the great state of Wyoming to visit my folks for Labor Day weekend.  My sister, her husband, and their dog, Buster, are here, too – and it’s been a great time so far.  I’m hoping to have pictures up tomorrow or Tuesday, but I forgot my camera today on our walk, so we may just have to go on another one – it’s so beautiful here!

Anyway, I thought you all might want to know that we are on Week 6 as of today, and our baby is the size of a sweet pea!  Our little one is starting to sprout his or her eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and chin – isn’t that amazing???  Also, their little hands and feet, which are still webbed like a duck’s, could be wiggling by this week’s end, and their heart is starting to beat (twice as fast as yours and mine), which means their blood is circulating like a real human being.  Crazy.


I’ll write more later, the baby is telling me I need a nap…


So far today has been pretty uneventful.  Kerry worked a half day of work and I took the day off to run some errands.  Went to the DMV (FUN!!) and took the dogs to the groomer.  Neither Kerry nor I had had lunch when she got home so I went out to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and got us some AWESOME take out burgers.  Kerry slept most of the rest of the afternoon which was fine by me, it gave me time to well…sleep too.  Not sure that this is what either of us would have wanted for our fifth anniversary under normal circumstances, but considering all we have been through it was exactly what we needed – a day of rest.  I’m sure we both would have wanted to go on some amazing getaway to a tropical destination, or even up to the mountains for the weekend but it just wasn’t in the cards, or the bank.

Tonight however, we are getting out of the house.  We are headed down to Castle Pines to La Dolce Vita.  Kerry got a very generous gift card for her 30th birthday that we have never used so we figured what better day than today (tonight).  Once we get to dinner we will both forget about what could have been, and both realize that there is not a vacation in the world that could replace this pregnancy.


“Why don’t you go sit down, honey?” said to me by my wonderful husband, as he finished unloading the dishwasher and cutting the stems of the flowers I got from my friends, Jenny, Emily, and Cami (and arranging them in a vase for me).

I love that man.

Our fifth wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and I seriously don’t think I could be more in love with him than I am at this very moment…


Another day, another update.  =)

I got an email from that is telling me that now that I’m (over) 5 weeks, our baby is the size of a apple seed, and he/she looks more like a little tadpole than a human.  The exciting news this week is that our little apple seed’s brain is beginning to grow!  A biology refresher for everyone – the brain develops from the neural tube, the structure that will soon sprout our baby’s spinal cord, nerves, and backbone.  The baby is now made up into three layers:  the ectoderm (that houses the skin, hair, nails, sweat glands, and tooth enamel), the mesoderm (where the heart and circulatory system lay, as well as the baby’s muscles, cartilage, bone, and tissue), and the endoderm (where the lungs, intestines, thyroid, liver, and pancreas are). 

This week, our baby’s heart will begin to divide into chambers and beat and pump blood – we cannot wait to see that (T minus 13 days)!!!!  The placenta and umbilical cord are already working, delivering food and oxygen to our little one – I hope he/she enjoyed that Baconator!  Eeesh.  I need to start eating a little more healthy, don’t I?

I’ve been told that I should eat what sounds good when I feel like it, at least for the first trimester, since I don’t feel like eating most of the time – fine by me!  Milkshakes and burgers it is!  I’m only kidding, I actually managed some fruits and veggies today, which is a miracle, considering that neither one of those things sounded good to me before today.

I’ll write more later, I’m certain I need to get some work done today…

…but before I forget – a BIG CONGRATS to my friends, Molly and Catherine (both formerly infertile), who just found out this week that they are both having little GIRLS!!!!!


Holy hormones, Batman!

August 26, 2008


I thought I was a hormonal mess on Clomid, on stim drugs, on the PIO shots, etc., but they all have NOTHING on these pregnancy hormones.  :::grinning because I can say I have pregnancy hormones:::

I have cried three times already today, and two of those times, crying wasn’t really warranted.

None of my jeans would zip up this morning.  I mean none of them – not even my “fat” jeans, which are two sizes bigger than the size 8’s I’ve been wearing up to this point (with a hair tie holding the button on, but still)!  It’s like that Baconator went straight to my gut – literally.  While I know that isn’t possible (or is it…that thing has 830 calories!!), I just cannot believe that I’m really this bloated this fast.  Holy hell, I’m scared to see what I’ll look like when I’m actually showing (more than bloat)!  But I am super duper excited for that as well, so don’t get me wrong.  =)  But when I couldn’t zip up even the loosest of my jeans, I totally burst into tears.

Then, I was getting hungry, so I decided to make my breakfast to eat on the way to work (I usually eat first thing when I get to work).  I toasted a mini bagel, heated up some turkey sausage, and got out some cheese.  YUM!  I threw my little breakfast sandwich together, and ran out the door (I was already a half hour late for work).  On the road, I ate one bite of the sandwich, and almost threw up.  I ended up opening my door at a stop light, and casually dropping the rest of my breakfast on the ground (the birds will thank me later), because the smell of the breakfast sausage was making me gag.  Not a good thing, since this has been my staple for a good three or four months now.  So, I cried again.  A little bit because I was hungry, and I little bit because I didn’t want to throw up on the way to work.  What a  baby, huh?

The third time I cried because I read a story on the SAIF (Success after infertility) board that absolutely broke my heart.  One of the girls had given birth to boy/girl twins at a little over 27 weeks, and her son passed away yesterday (he was a little over a week old).  Her daughter is still fighting, but isn’t out of the woods yet.  Can you imagine?  I mean, losing a child is one thing – but losing a child that you’ve worked SO HARD for to get is beyond my comprehension…

If you pray, will you please pray for this family?  If not, please send thoughts that they will be able to get through this tragedy as best they can.  Thanks (and sorry for the downer post).


Storytime Monday

August 25, 2008

I can’t believe I forgot to tell y’all this!  I talked to my grampy on Friday night – he had called me to congratulate me on Thursday night, but I was asleep – at 8 o’clock (he got a kick out of that).  Anyway, the excitement in his voice when he talked about being a great-grandpa was enough to absolutely make my heart melt.  He kind of understands what Jeff and I went through to get pregnant, that we did IVF, and we’re having a “test-tube baby”, although I corrected him and told him it would actually be a petri-dish baby, but whatever.  Here’s how our part of conversation went:

Me:  Hi Grampy, it’s Kerry!

Gramps:  Well, hi there Kerry – I tried calling you last night, but didn’t get through, so I thought I would try you back tonight – I’m glad you called!

Me:  Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t answer last night, I was actually sleeping – at 8 p.m.!

Gramps:  That’s when folks my age go to bed…  (LOL)

Me:  I know Grandpa, I’ve just been so tired lately!

Gramps:  Well, Peggy (my mom) told me the good news – I’m going to be a great-grandpa!

Me:  Yep, pretty exciting, huh?

Gramps:  I’m so excited, I want to call the local radio station and put it out on the airwaves that I’m finally going to be a great-grandpa!!!

Me:  Well Grampy, you might want to wait a few weeks, because on Sept 9th, we’ll find out if there’s one baby, or TWO babies…

Gramps:  Oh my goodness, two babies at once, that would really be something!

Me:  Kind of scary, huh?

Gramps:  Well, I’m just tickled that I’m going to be a great-grandpa, I never thought I would see the day!

Me:  Well, sorry it took so long – we hope it will be worth the wait…

Gramps:  Oh, it will.  It will, Kerry.

How sweet is he?!?!?  I just couldn’t get over how excited he was – he just kept saying that he was so “tickled” to finally be a great-grandpa.  Awwwww!  He is my only living grandparent, so I am absolutely thrilled that he gets this opportunity when he still has his health (and that we get this opportunity to have his first great-grandchild).  Of course, Jeff and I did all of this because we wanted a child (or children) of our own, but knowing that we are making so many people happy  that this is finally happening for us means so much to us.  Hearing the joy in my mom’s voice, or the relief in Jeff’s mom’s voice when she found out that this worked was something that I won’t soon forget.

On a related note, Jeff thought it would be funny if we started a “Craving Watch” portion of the blog.  I feel like a sick, disgusting pig, but I was totally craving a Baconator from Wendy’s tonight (which I have never had, I’ve just seen it on TV…I don’t even like Wendy’s), so Jeff drove me there to get one.  And OMG, did it ever satisfy.  It was like eating a five course meal at the Barolo Grill, paired with the most perfect wine – I’m not even kidding.  Soooooo good.  I really didn’t think cravings came this early, but I have several friends that have told me to eat while I can, because soon enough the thought of a Baconator will likely make me want to vomit.  So if you’re interested in keeping up with my cravings, check out Craving Watch 2008 above. 


Maternity Clothes For Men

August 25, 2008

All this talk of maternity pants and shirts and tummy tubes got me thinking – why are there no maternity stores or clothes for men?  I am going to have sympathy cravings, which will lead to sympathy weight, which will lead to a sympathy stomach.  Maybe I could benefit from a tummy tube to cover some things up.  But no, there is nothing for men.  I can’t be the first to wonder, but I must be the first to admit it, which would lead me to believe that this is why there is no market.  Maybe I should start a company making this sort of product, call it “Daddy Duds” or some other clever name.  Of course I would have to give tummy tubes a new name, something a little more manly like “The Gut Gripper”. 

I am sure this company would fail miserably but maybe it would give a better look inside the tragedy that has become the lack of Maternity Clothes for Men.


What a day!

August 23, 2008

I had quite the busy day today!  After getting up at 6 o’clock this morning for my daily PIO injection, I couldn’t fall back to sleep.  I ate some cereal, did some laundry, and cuddled with Rex on the couch for a while.  I had a really sore throat, and thought I was getting sick, but I think it’s just this insatiable thirst that I’ve had the last few days that’s getting me (I feel like I have CONSTANT cotton mouth, sooo annoying). 

Later in the morning, I was talking to my friend, Molly, and we decided to go to the mall and go shopping (I need something) to help make my clothes more comfortable with all of this IVF bloat.  I had to be on the north side of town anyway, because my buddy, Liz, was having a party to celebrate her little girl’s first birthday today!  I had a blast shopping with Molly!  I went into three maternity stores (well, really only one maternity store, and two maternity departments in stores), and it was a much better experience than last time I went.  I got really teary, and actually cried a little bit in the second (and third) stores, but this time I was so emotional because I just cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am that this is really happening to us.  Thankfully, Molly was there to give me a hug and congratulate me, telling me that I “belonged” in there – she’s too sweet!  Thanks, Mol!  I actually bought several shirts, but only because they will help to hide the little bloating I have going on right now (and they weren’t ridiculously expensive).  I also bought two “tummy tubes”, which are these AWESOME little bands you put over your unbuttoned, unzipped jeans, and they help to hold them up, while smoothing everything out!  Soooo much better than the hair ties I was using!!!  Anyway, I know it’s a little early to be buying maternity clothes, but give a girl a break – I am bloated, uncomfortable, and I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long ass time!

Then, we were off to Avery’s first birthday party, and what a party it was!  I got to see a few of my friends (and their husbands and kiddos) there, and everyone was congratulating me, and hugging me – I felt like I was taking the attention away from the birthday girl for a few moments, but it was great regardless.  The party was fun, but man was I tired from the long day I had!  Molly and I took off (thanks for the cupcakes and bag o’ maternity clothes to-go, Liz), and I was finally headed home…until I decided to meet up with my cooking club since it was kind of sort of “on the way” home, and they were meeting at a Greek restaurant down the street from our house.  It was great to see those ladies, too, and be congratulated in person – once again, center of attention, which you all know I love!

Now I’m home.  The dogs are fed, Rex has his meds, I’m in my jammies, and it’s time for bed.  And I am going to try desperately to go back to sleep tomorrow after the PIO shot, so I can be on my A-game when Jeff gets home in the afternoon!


Somebody commented that it was funny or weird that I didn’t have an OB.  Ummmm yeah.  I have an OB – one I actually really like a lot.  But, I chose her based on a recommendation from a friend because I wanted an OB closer to work so it would be easier to schedule appointments and such.  I really liked the fact that she struggled with infertility, so she would be really patient and understanding with me.  But now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t really want to drive 40-50 minutes when I go into labor (hehehe, so cool) – that just makes absolutely no sense to me.  Does that make any sense to you women who have babies?  Because if it does, I would be willing to reconsider…


I forgot to update that I made the appointment for our first ultrasound (where they will tell us if there are one or two babies in my belly)!!!!  YAY!!!!  It’s Tuesday, September 9th, at 8:30 in the morning.  If all goes well at this appointment, we will be RELEASED from our RE, and start going to an OB, like a “normal” pregnant couple.

Hmmmmm, now to find an OB that we’re going to like…if anyone has referrals, I would love to hear them!  And if they are in the southeast Denver/Aurora area, even better!