All in a day’s work

July 31, 2008

Wow.  Sorry I didn’t update earlier…I actually had a lot going on today, and now that I’m home, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer – but – I know people are waiting on an update, so here it goes!

My appointment went really well this morning.  I’m right on track for where I should be (having been on stim drugs for 7 days), so that made me happy.  A few stats for you infertile girls who know what I’m talking about…

E2 – from 148 on Monday to 883 today  ||  still have 14 follies – 18, 17, 2 14’s, 2 13’s, 2 12’s, 11, 3 10’s, and 2 9’s  ||  lining was a 10

And for those of you who have no clue what the above means, it’s good.  My estrogen (E2 from above) went crazy high from last time, and all of my follicles (fluid-filled cysts that contain the golden eggs) were right on track with their growth.  They tend to grow around 2mm each day, so there’s still hope for some of the smaller ones to catch up (the size of the follicle equals the maturity of the egg inside, and an egg is considered “mature” when the follicle is between 16-20 mm).  This means that if our egg retrieval (ER) is on Sunday, I should have at least 9 eggs retrieved, and if the ER is on Monday, I should have at least 14 eggs retrieved (at this point, we’re hoping for Monday because it would = more eggs, but we’ll see).

I have to go in again tomorrow morning at 7:15 for another ultrasound and blood work, and then Colleen (the IVF nurse) will call me to let me know what the plan is.  We will likely either trigger tomorrow night for an egg retrieval on Sunday morning, or Saturday night for an ER on Monday morning.  Remember, the “trigger” shot that I’ll take will basically force me to ovulate 36-40 hours after it’s administered, so they can time my retrieval for around the exact time that my eggs are all ripe for the pickin’, for lack of better terms.


I drove almost 100 miles today, between driving to my ultrasound appointment this morning, to immediately after that driving to my acupuncturist across town, straight from there to work, and then home again tonight.  Ugh.  And I get to start all over again tomorrow morning, and then maybe Saturday morning as well.  Totally reminds me to go back and log all of the miles we have driven to and from the RE’s office for tax purposes next year…

On the drive home from work, I left work over a half hour later than normal, and thank goodness I brought my drugs with me.  I hit an accident on the way home from work, so I had to make a beeline for the nearest place to shoot up – Caribou Coffee.  So, to all of you coffee patrons who were at the I-225 and Colfax location of Caribou Coffee, sorry I was in the restroom for so long (without flushing the toilet I might add).  Part of me kind of wanted to throw a used needle under the sink for kicks, but alas, I didn’t.  I got my shots done, and walked out of there without even thinking of buying a coffee (I have to drink decaf now anyway, so why bother?).

Jeff and I have been working on a “list” of things we have learned while going through infertility, and although it’s almost done, I’m not quite ready to post it.  But be on the lookout for “The List” coming soon.  I was reminded of it because I was feeling a little down today about the lack of support from certain friends and family members who we were certain we would have TONS of support from.  I mean, I understand that everyone has their own life, and I’m not in ANY way implying that our life is more important than anyone else’s, but c’mon!  We’re going through something that will (hopefully) be the single most important thing we do in our life together, and we can’t get some freakin’ support from those who we have supported through good AND bad times?!?!?!  It has really shown us who we can count on, and the results are astonishing.  I would have never in a million years thought that my Internet friends (most of who I know in real life, but some I have never even met face-to-face) would be some of our biggest supporters, but lo and behold, they are.  It would be nice if some of the people that we have come to know and love and be friends with through the years would show an ounce of interest in what we’re going through, but I guess you can’t force your “friends” to care…

Boo hoo, enough of that.  Lesson learned.  All in a day’s work.



27 Responses to “All in a day’s work”

  1. Roxy said

    Hooray! I’ve been praying you’d have some good news all day. I’ll keep the prayers coming. Go eggies!

  2. Melissa said

    I’m glad things went well. Thank you again for being so open about this whole process. I NEVER knew what was involved w/ infertility. Thank you for opening up your lives! Hugs and Prayers!

  3. Lanie said

    So happy you are cooking such good follies. And I’m sorry it was such a tough day.

    We are so excited to see you tomorrow night!

  4. Chrissy (chrissynmatt) said

    I am so glad today went well! I have been praying and thinking of you all day! Keep growing follies!

  5. Angelika said

    Whew. I was getting worried. YAY for awesome follies, estrogen and all that jazz.

    And just know that there are people who really truly love you in this world – you know how we are . 😉

  6. LadyDisdain said

    Props to you for shooting up when and where it was necessary. 🙂 And you have our support whenever you need it – go baby follicles!

  7. Sarah said

    Oh my goodness Kerry…you are so close to the big ER! Which means you are even closer to the big transfer (is that what it’s called?)! I’m so excited for you. You are so good to keep this blog updated for all of us who stalk you like hawks…LOL!
    Let me know if you need company in the next couple of weeks. Olivia and I are ready and waiting to bring you goodies and visit with you!

  8. Cathy said

    Glad things are looking good and you didn’t get arrested for shooting up in a coffee shop! Can’t wait to hear good news from your ER!

  9. Kristin said

    Glad to hear it went well. I have been thinking about you all day. You’ve got lots of support from this corner, so I hope that helps.

  10. Marci said

    Glad to hear things are looking good and on track! I’ll keep sending lots of good juju your way!!!

  11. Ann said

    I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you while I’m in Florida. Keep up the great work, Kerry!

  12. Shannon(Shannie79) said

    Glad you updated, sorry you are having a rough time with some family and friends. Your internet friends are rooting for you!!

  13. Pam said

    Thanks for updating your internet stalkers. You know we’re rooting for you every single painful step of the way. Your little follies have an awful lot of aunties sending good vibes. I know it’s not the same as feeling love IRL, but please know that our wishes and love are sincere. Big zombie hugs and virtual cocktails and caffeine!

  14. Penny said

    I’m so glad things are on track and going well! As Pam said, thanks for keeping all of us internet stalkers updated.

  15. Larissa (smilelari) said

    Woo hoo!!!! I’m so glad that things are on track! Good luck again this morning.

  16. Molly said

    Damn girl – could it be any more perfect!!!?? I can’t believe your ER is so soon now! Hooray!!! I’ll be hanging with my inlaws, holding your hand from afar 🙂

  17. liz said

    you are just days away!!! that is so amazing. i am holding my breath and sending all my love and juju for a successful ER.

  18. Shareena said

    Yipee! This is getting so exciting I will keep you and Jeff in my thoughts this weekend. Big Hugs to you!

  19. Felicia said

    Grow, eggies, grow! I’m so excited for you guys!

  20. Megan said

    Yay for good follies and all! I will be thinking and praying for you this weekend as your prepare!

  21. Brenda said

    Yay for everything looking good! It’s really moving along now! I will send lots of good thoughs/prayers your way this weekend that the trigger shot goes well and they get lots of good eggs. 🙂

  22. Ondrea said

    That is so awesome!! yippee!!

    I will say that I have some old friends who went through IVF and unlike you they were very very negative and bitter all.the.time at everyone about their IF. They seemed to feel that if they weren’t happy no one else could be – about anything and everything. Their anger engulfed them – I am so glad that you and Jeff are able to get through this with smiles (and tears). I appreciate your positive and sarcastic attitude. You make it easy to be there for you.

  23. Tarah said

    Hey buddy! It sounds like everything is perfect. You are on the right track to motherhood. I am so happy and so excited for you. I can’t wait till you see the beautiful word “Pregnant” on a digital. It is the most beautiful thing ever.

    You’re always in my thoughts and I have nothing but love and good juju for you babe!

  24. Pesky said

    I’m glad all looks well!!! Those are terrific numbers! I hope all continues smoothly to “Pregnant” on that test and a baby in your arms!

  25. Erica said

    I am so glad that everything is growing right on track!!! I was thinking about you all day yesterday. You and Jeff have been in my thoughts and prayers. I understand how much it sucks, and how surprising it can be, when your friends don’t step up. But know that all of your internet stalkers love and support you! **hugs**

  26. Beth M said

    =) So exciting!!!! LMK when you want someone to hang with on your bedrest. Me and Lil and C will come over in a heartbeat and bring you whatever you want! =)

    LOVE YOU!!!

  27. Hauss said

    You have my love and support guys. NEver realized exactly how much you’ve had to go through for all this. praying for you out here in Seattle! Keep your spirits up! nice one with the coffee shop!

    much love!

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