Appointment update #2

July 28, 2008

I just got the call from my nurse, Colleen.  She told me that 14 follicles is really good this early in the game, and she also told me that the average number of follies on the first scan is only 8, so YAY for being above-average!  My estrogen raised from 30 (last Thursday) to 148, so that’s really good, too.  When I told Jeff, he said, “well that explains your mood swings!”  Poor guy.

I will stay on the same dosage of all of the meds until Thursday morning at 7:15, when I go back for another ultrasound and blood work.  Holy crap, I’m getting so excited!!!!!!

On a somewhat-related note, I am feeling TONS better today, so that makes me happy.  I still have a constant headache, but at least I’m getting used to it.  =/  But, I don’t feel sick to my stomach anymore, and the twinges in my nether regions have changed to a small annoyance, rather than a debilitating, constant occurance.  I’m looking forward to having a nice, relaxing night with my husband when I get home.



22 Responses to “Appointment update #2”

  1. Andrea said

    I have been stalking your blog all afternoon waiting to see this! I am so glad you got good news!

  2. Sarah said

    ALL GOOD NEWS!!! Hooray!

  3. Cathy-schoolsout said

    Yay! I’ve been reading but not commenting much because it rarely seems to work. Crossing fingers here. 14 sounds like a great number!

  4. Pesky said

    Yay for the egg fest!!!

  5. prnceswife said

    Great news!

  6. Megs said

    woo-hoo! I am so glad that you are happy and things are lookin’ good!!

  7. Summersmom said

    This is amazing news! My science project baby just turned one this last weekend, so he wishes you the best and most success!

  8. Porche said

    Egg Fest 2008! Love it, Pesky! I’m so happy for you, Kerry!!

  9. Molly said

    someone’s gonna make some beautiful 8 celled blasties!

  10. Katie said

    Yay for so many follicles and yay for feeling better!

  11. Ann said

    Awesome, awesome news!

  12. Kate said

    You totally beat me in the follicle number!

  13. Larissa (smilelari) said

    Such good news!!! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Here’s to another good appointment Thursday!

  14. Brenda said

    Yay! I always knew you were above average. 🙂

  15. Angelika said

    If 13 is a baker’s dozen – then what’s 14? Oh – that’s right – the MAGIC DOZEN! HOORAY FOR FOLLIES!

  16. Lisa (posey46) said

    That is so exciting. How wonderful to be getting such good news to start things off. I’ll be thinking of you in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

  17. Jes said

    14- woo-hoo!! Hang in there, hopefully you’ll have more days where you feel better.
    I think that if men’s hormones increased 5x in a matter of days, we’d be in nuclear holocaust.

  18. Marci said

    So glad things are loking good! I’ll keep crossing my fingers, toes and everything else for you!!!

  19. Megan said

    That’s awesome news, Kerry!! I can’t wait to hear more good news. I am keeping you in my prayers – hang tough!

  20. Tarah said

    Awe, buddy!!! Reading your post made me cry tears of joy for you. I’m so happy that you got “Egg Fest 2008” going on!

    Sending you all my egg fest juju I got.

  21. Sara said

    Great news!!

  22. Roxy said

    I think it is good luck that Colleen, sweet Colleen, is your eggy counter. She’s good luck, I tell ya.

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