July 24, 2008

So, I know that pregnant women (Mol!) have strange dreams all the time, but let me tell you that I have been having some CRAZY ASS dreams lately.  I mean, CRAZY.

The night of the DMB show, I dreamt that I had sex with a midget little person.  WTF?  No offense to the little people out there, but that would just never happen.  And in that same dream, my mom was cheating on my dad with some young dude with a hairy back.  I brought my new little boyfriend home to meet my parents, and discovered that my dad had moved out, and the hairy guy moved in.  I asked the little person, “so, do you want to meet my whore of a mother?”.  I would never talk to my mom like that (well, maybe in high school I would have, but now…no way)!

Then last night, I dreamt of a woman I never met, but “know” through a blog I’m obsessed with.  The blog was started by a young couple who were expecting their first child, but in a tragic turn of events, the wife/mother died just 27 short hours after their daughter was born.  Anyway, I keep up with the blog every day, and Liz appeared in my dream last night.  Jeff and I were in London, near Big Ben, and I was freaking out about this IVF not working, when Liz approached me and told me that it would work, and we would finally have the family that we’ve dreamed of having.  And then she disappeared…weird.

Anybody out there want to analyze those suckers?  And again, mom, I’m really sorry…I have NO idea where that dream came from.


And speaking of the DMB show, here’s a pic from the 13th row…




7 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Tiffany said

    Gotta be the drugs….WOWSERS! LOL!

  2. Beth M said

    Wow!!! Girl, that is CRAZY!

  3. Nicole said

    I’m sorry…

    I’m excited for you guys, and I don’t even know you IRL!!!

  4. Molly said

    Dude. Welcome to my world.

  5. Peggy said

    Even in high school you knew just how far you could push it and you never would have gone that far, at least to my face. I think you’re just taking WAY to many drugs!(Although I know they are necessary.) On the other hand, I did meet a guy in a deserted parking lot in Wheatland, WY at 10:15 last night. Don’t know if he was “hairy” as I only saw him long enough to move replacement parts and other stuff they needed at the well site your father is on. Then I drove them back to the well site 35 miles North of Gillette. Got home at 3:30 am. Last night I was feeling guilty because I was enjoying the trip so much. (I like to drive and a road trip that somebody else was paying for!! And I was almost horse when I got to the well site because I’d been singing along with CD’s all the way.) Today I realized it was work; I’m too old to stay up that late! Hope your dreams get more like the London one – at night and in reality. Love, Mom

  6. Ondrea said

    seriously, what you got against little people….??? dude! 😉

  7. Tarah said

    That’s kind of creepy. Maybe you should let matt know that Liz came to you. 🙂

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