No more birth control!!!

July 22, 2008

Sunday was my last day of taking birth control – thank GOD.  Maybe now my face will go back to looking like a 32 year old’s, not a 13 year old’s, if only for a few more weeks.  Maybe now the bloating will go away, and the mood swings will subside, if only for a few short days.  I know that I’m going to be in for a shock when I start with the stim drugs on Thursday, but for now I’m feeling pretty good.

My sister and I are on our way to this restaurant, Roja, to enjoy what will likely be one of my last cocktails for the next 10 or 11 months.  I’m so excited (not for the drink per se, but to spend time with my favorite sister)!  Tonight, we head to the Qwest Center to see my favorite band perform, so I’m really pumped about that.  We’re still trying to work out the details of where I’m going to shoot up with the Lupron, but I’m not too worried.  It has to be done, and will be done, no matter where I have to do it!

I miss my boys desperately.  I hate being away from Jeff, even if it’s only for one day, and I really miss Rex and Freddie.  This is precisely why Kristy and Joel (and Buster the beagle) need to move to Denver!

We’re off!



One Response to “No more birth control!!!”

  1. Ann said

    Have fun, Kerry! Or, I should say that I hope you had fun! I’ve missed you on The Nest!

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