Our future, one week at a time…

July 18, 2008

I was talking with my mom last night (thanking her for the very generous gift from the post below), when I started talking about our egg retrieval and transfer.  I told her that I would be on mandatory bedrest for at least two days following each procedure, and that I was “accepting applications” for friends and family members who might want to come over to keep me company while I’m couch-ridden.  She was really surprised that I would be on bedrest, and I guess I just assumed that everyone knew that – what a dingbat!  I’m the only person in our families who has had to go through IVF (I think anyway), and one of several of my friends, so I should not be assuming that.  So everyone – I will be on bedrest for at least two days following both the ER and ET.  It’s mandatory, which sucks, but when you’re paying around $20K for the chance to have something like this work, you listen to what the experts (that would be the reproductive endocrinologist and the embryologist) tell you.

I have decided to give everyone a look into our future – one week at a time.  This could be fun…or it could be a way to pass time at work while we are S-L-O-W (sorry boss)!

On Sunday, I leave for Omaha to visit my little sis.  I am stopping halfway to stay the night in Cozad on Sunday night and take two of my favorite little boys out for their birthday dinners (Jake just turned 7, and Slater will be 13 next week -eek).  Their mom is one of my good friends from junior high/high school, and I’m so excited to see her and her family!  Sunday is also really important because it’s my last day of birth control pills!!!!  WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! 

Monday I will get to Omaha, and will hang with my sis and her hubby until Wednesday.  Kristy and I are going to the Dave Matthews Band concert, where we will be sitting in the 13th row!!!!  I’m so pumped, DMB is my favorite band in the whole wide world, and I didn’t get to see them last year.  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to a few days away, and I know that Kristy has been looking forward to the opportunity to jab a needle in my thigh (or belly).  LOL!

I should get back sometime before shot-time on Wednesday night, and then on Thursday morning I have an appointment at 7:15 in the morning for bloodwork and an ultrasound.  I should have started what will (crossing fingers) be my last period in about 10 or more months by Thursday, and they will be checking everything out to make sure we’re all clear – no cysts, etc.  If we’re all clear, I will be starting my stim drugs (Menopur and Bravelle) on Thursday night!  Those drugs are going to (hopefully) help my body produce a large amount of follicles, which will (hopefully) all contain a perfect little egg. 

I will continue taking the Lupron injection (what I’m taking now), which will make my body NOT ovulate.  They keep me on the Lupron so when my body says it’s ready (and all of my follicles are large and in charge with mature eggs), they will have me take a “trigger shot” which will guarantee ovulation within 36-40 hours.  Exactly 36 hours after the trigger shot (come hell or high water), I HAVE to be at the RE’s office for the egg retrieval.  If I’m even 15 minutes late it could mean that the whole cycle could go down the drain.  More on that later though…I’ve clearly gone over my “one week at a time” thing here…



2 Responses to “Our future, one week at a time…”

  1. Molly said

    I’ll come hang with you bedside buddy!

  2. Beth M said

    I will too! Just LMK buddy!

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