July 17, 2008

…is awesome!!!!  Just when I thought I couldn’t love my acupuncturist more, she pulls out the real magic – electroacupuncture!  If you have an acupuncturist, I strongly recommend asking him or her to do this to you, if only one time – it’s simply amazing.  This time, Carol had me roll over on my stomach on the massage table.  She put needles in four spots on my lower legs, and two spots on my lower back/upper booty area.  Then, she attached the needles to a device that generates electric pulses using these small, clippy things that she could adjust the frequency and intensity on.  She left me there for 10 minutes (at which time I feel asleep), and then came back to turn the intensity up a little bit.  She then left me there for 20 more minutes, and I couldn’t tell you about any of those minutes because I fell into a deep state of relaxation.  That was probably the best 20 minutes of sleep I’ve ever had in my life – I want one of those machines at home!!!!

In other news, I was overly-emotional today.  Moody, dizzy, had a killer headache all day, and felt like I could cry at the drop of a hat.  When my friend, Molly, asked if she could take me out to dinner to try to cheer me up, I was ecstatic…until I realized that I couldn’t because I have to go home to do my Lupron injection at 7 o’clock.  DAMMIT!  I passed up free Mexican and some of the best guacamole I’ve ever had for a stupid needle.  When I IM’ed Jeff to tell him how bummed I was, he suggested that maybe I start bringing the Lupron to work with me just in case I ever have a spontaneous offer to be taken out for dinner again (or if I get stuck in traffic, etc).  Hmmmm…not a bad idea, honey.

Anyway, I’ve heard this is only the beginning.  I’ve read that Lupron causes crazy bad headaches and I think it’s the birth control that’s still making me moody and dizzy.  And I haven’t even started the other three injectible drugs I’ll be on in the next week, or two.  Oy.  Jeff is going to lovin’ life in about a week…poor guy.



3 Responses to “Electroacupuncture…”

  1. Lanie said

    I don’t think my acupuncturist uses those. Sounds great though.

  2. Felicia said

    There’s a story in one of the IF books I just read about a woman who gets caught by a cop (!!!) shooting up her IF drugs in the parking lot of a movie theater. How insane would that be?

  3. Peggy said

    Hi Dear One, Only three more days of birth control pills, right? Hope that takes out some of your problems.

    I’m not much help with this current stuff – but I thought I’d give you some things to think about for the future. When your child starts talking – which being your son or daughter should be early – be sure and write down all the fun things. You are good at the computer so probably a special file for family quotes. Luckily I was a good little letter writer so I did write down a lot of stuff from you and your sister and remember it. (I’m sorry things (hormones today) are still “griefing” you.) With your computer and skills you can keep a daily log. And you can put adult quotes in it too. I just read one I loved. When a mother was asked her favorite place to be, she said “wherever her children were – of course if they happen to be in the Bahamas, all the better”. A great answer.

    Glad you had a great appointment. Hope the relaxation carries over a little. Much love, Mom

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