Oops, we almost forgot!

July 16, 2008

Crap!  Our appointment this morning!  It was awesome.

We finally met our embryologist, Sherri, and it was everything we expected it would be – overwhelming, informative, and so damn exciting.  She was very concise with every detail of her “presentation”, and I know that Jeff and I both appreciated that.  She went over every single aspect of the egg retrieval and egg transfer, and what everyone’s role would be throughout the process.  She asked questions, we asked questions, and we left feeling a lot more anxious (excited) to get going with our IVF.

Then, Jeff and I went separate ways.  He into the “special room” to give yet another sample (I think probably the 6th or 7th sperm analysis he’s done in three years, poor guy), and I went upstairs to have my trial egg transfer.  It went beautifully (for both of us).  My bladder was full enough (thank GOD, because it was FULL) to help to push my uterus down enough to give the doctor a nice, clear view of what he needed to see.  The nurse placed an ultrasound probe on my lower abdomen while the doctor put on the old speculum and inserted a catheter into my cervix.  It was so cool!  I was watching on the computer screen as the catheter was making it’s way into my uterus, and then I saw it hit a “wall”.  That “wall” was the inner lining of my uterus, where they will be implanting our embryos in a few weeks.  The mock transfer took about 5 minutes, and the doctor exclaimed that I was going to have a “beautiful embryo transfer”.  I’ll bet he says that to all the girls.  =)  With the trial run today, they will now know the quickest, most efficient route to my uterus when we go in for the real thing.  Hooray!!!

Tonight, Jeff gave me my first injection of Lupron.  Lupron is used for IVF patients to supress the ovaries so that the woman won’t ovulated on her own.  They want to gather up as many little eggs as they can, so that our chances for getting a good number of mature eggs at the retrieval is relatively high.  That is the reason for supressing the ovaries.  I know it’s kind of confusing, but y’all will be IVF pros when everything is said and done, and we’re pregnant!



8 Responses to “Oops, we almost forgot!”

  1. angelika05 said

    YAY for super duper good news!!!!!

  2. Lanie said

    I’m excited to hear more details about the embryology appointment on Saturday!

  3. ehiwv said

    yay! i am so glad it went well.

  4. Tara said

    I knew you would kick ass! 🙂

  5. Ann said

    Congratulations on a great appointment, Kerry and Jeff! How exciting!

  6. Brandi said

    I’m so glad that everything went so well today!!!

  7. Brenda said

    Yay! I’m glad everything went well!

  8. Roxy said

    I assure you Shari is one darn fine baby-sitter. 🙂 Isn’t she the perfect mix between cool and friendly and a super duper science nerd?

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