11 down, 5 to go

July 15, 2008

Good GOD I’m ready to be done with birth control.  The dizzy spells and headaches are getting ready freakin’ old.  I only have five more night of the little white devil pills, so I shouldn’t really complain!  After an hour of tearing it up on Guitar Hero with my husband, we’re hitting the hay early tonight.  We have a big day tomorrow.

We meet with the embryologist at 8 a.m.!!!!!  I’m so psyched!  This is the man (or woman) who will be responsible for making our future child(ren), so yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.  I’m just so excited to hear the more “scientific” happenings behind IVF, and I know Jeff is, too.

Then, at 9 a.m. we have our mock transfer.  I have to drink 32 ounces of water within 10 minutes an hour before the appointment to ensure that I have a full bladder for the mock transfer.  That should be fun (trying to concentrate on what the embryologist is saying when I have to piss like a racehorse)!  The RE’s like doing these trial embryo transfers so that they know what to expect on the day of the “real thing”.  I don’t blame ’em!

Time for bed, good night!



3 Responses to “11 down, 5 to go”

  1. Angelika said

    Oh – good luck! HOORAY!

  2. Beth M said

    Eeeeeekkkkk! I am beyond excited for you!!!!

  3. Brenda said

    How exciting! I hope everything goes well today!

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