F/U to “Blah” post

July 13, 2008

And no, gutter brains, F/U doesn’t mean “fuck you”, it means “follow up”.  Just because I have a trash mouth doesn’t mean I use it (or think about using it) all the time.

I think I’ve figured out why I’ve been feeling out of sorts.  It’s the birth control (oh yeah, 9 down, 7 to go – thank GOD).  It’s gotta be.  My newest obsession is reading other couple’s IVF blogs, and 100% of the women who have complained about being back on birth control have also complained about the dizziness, nausea, headaches, bloating, moodiness (oh Lord), and overall feeling yucky.  I don’t think I need to make that appointment with a regular doctor after all (I would have sworn I had a brain tumor or something earlier today).  I feel a lot better tonight, and even got the pups out for a short walk just as the sun was going down – the weather was just gorgeous.

I also got out my Sharpies and weekly calendars Jeff printed off for me, and sat down to color-coordinate our medication schedule for the next few weeks.  It was a little overwhelming to see all of those colors and all of those specific times Jeff will need to administer the meds, but I have to admit that I was pretty excited, too.  I just cannot believe that in a few short weeks, we will be at the RE getting (lots of) eggs surgically extracted from me to join Jeff’s sperm in a petri dish.  Too cool.

In financial news, Jeff has completed the online form to request a “loan” from his 401K, and in 3-5 business days we will be getting a little over $3800.00 to help fund IVF.  On Wednesday, I’m going in to Charles Schwab to roll my 401K from my old job into my IRA, and then talk to a financial consultant about the possibility of borrowing against my IRA.  We figured if we could get at least half of the total cost of what we will owe on July 24th in cash, we could put the balance on our mileage plus card, or as Jeff now calls it, our “IVF Plus card”.  LOL!  We will need to have a line of credit available for any added expenses we may have along the IVF journey, and while our mileage plus card has a crappy interest rate, it has a high enough credit line that we will be okay if we have to use it.  We can always transfer the balance to a zero interest credit card in a month, or two, since it seems like we get offers for such cards every other day. 

Bottom line is that I’m not as freaked out about the financial aspect of all of this as I was a few short days ago, and that feels pretty good.  Of course, we will still try to find someone to buy the ring that my parents have given us, but now we aren’t feeling as pressed for time as we were before.  I would love to take a day off work to talk to local jewelers about the possibility of buying it, but I just cannot afford to take anymore time off than I already am (not to mention one particular co-worker apparently has an “issue” with how much time I’ve been taking off…whatever).  I haven’t been a Level3 employee long enough to have a lot of accrued PTO (I was a contract employee until the end of May), so most of the time I have been taking off has been unpaid (although I have made up every single minute I’ve missed thus far), and I haven’t even had my mandatory days off for the egg retrieval and egg transfer yet.  Yikes!


On a different note, we would like to thank all of our friends and family members who have shown us unconditional love and support throughout our lives, and especially throughout the last (almost) three years we’ve been dealing with infertility.  It means so much to us to have the emotional understanding from the people who know us the best.  Unfortunately, we have lost the support from those who have trivialized what we’ve been going through, and although that sucks (and those people SUCK), we know we’re better off without them in our lives.  Right now, we can ONLY surround ourselves with the most positive, helpful, loving people, and not the bitter, mad-at-the-world-and-everything-in-it ones.  A BIG thanks to everyone who has stuck by us during this difficult few years.  We love you!!!!



3 Responses to “F/U to “Blah” post”

  1. Marci said

    {{Hugs}} Kerry! Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and sending lots of good “IVF” juju your waY!

  2. Stacie said

    I’m so excited for you, and for all the things you have to come ahead. You are an inspiration to me ~ lots of IVF and BFP dust for you coming up!!!

  3. Tarah said

    Thinking of you Kerry! You know you are always in my thoughts and I can’t wait for you to announce your beautiful BFP!

    Like Marci said I’m also sending you some IVF juju!

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