(clarification on the post below)

July 12, 2008

I hope no one thought I was comparing being unable to walk with infertility, because that wasn’t my intent (nor would I ever compare having cancer to being infertile).  I posted this mainly to show our readers how stupid people sound when they say something so insensitive.  A lot of people don’t think that infertility is that big of a deal (including some of our friends), therefore they think their comments about “relaxing” or “taking a vacation” are helpful, and that pisses me off.  It is a big deal, and for Jeff and I it has been a sobering, life-altering experience.  We are definitely different people because of it.  Just as someone who can’t walk (or has cancer) is a different person because of the difficulties they face.  I cannot IMAGINE dealing with infertility in ADDITION to having another life-altering issue to deal with.  That would honestly be too much for me to deal with…so in that respect, we are very blessed.



3 Responses to “(clarification on the post below)”

  1. Beth K said

    I’m sorry if you thought I thought you were being insensitive, I didn’t. I know there are so many emotions involved in all of this. I probably should have just left it as I know it’s difficult, but the plus side it could be worse. Hugs, and I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, it wasn’t my intent 😦

  2. Felicia said

    and that doesn’t even begin to include all the comments I have heard from my religious family involving God and how it is supposedly not in His plan for me to have any more children.

    I cannot begin to even fathom how they think this.

  3. Kate said

    It was a great post. Dealing with cancer and infertility I have heard some very snarky things from friends and family members who think they are “trying to help”

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