If only money grew on trees!

July 10, 2008

Wow.  So we had our financial consultation today and even though I thought I was prepared for the final amount, I wasn’t.  I know that we will find a way to come up with the money, but it is just a little hard to wrap my head around the amount.  Luckily, unlike a lot of people in this world, Kerry and I do have options.  There is always credit cards, 401K loans, and even a special Capital One Healthcare plan.  We have not 100% decided on one or the other but making that decision could be just as hard as deciding to go through with in-vitro. 

Doing it on a credit card wouldn’t be bad, except that the interest rate isn’t all that great…on the other hand we would get lots of frequent flier miles.  The miles sound great, but after paying off the card we may not be able to afford to fly anywhere even with free tickets, and a baby 🙂 .  A 401k loan carries no penalties or interest as long as it is repaid and/or you stay employed with the employer you had at the time of the loan.  The downside there is that 1: while it may cover a good amount it won’t be all of it and 2: that you go backwards in your retirement savings.  The Capital One plan at first sounds like the best option, then you read into it a little more and find out that while you may be able to get 1.99% financing it is only if you pay it within 18 months.  Then you look further, and the range for approved credit is 1.99% to 25.99%.  I doubt we would get a rate as high as 25.99%, but worst case that is way higher than our mileage plus credit card.

We have one other option, but that one scares me the most.  Kerry has a family heirloom that she was given to sell for this exact reason (to pay for our IVF).  While I know that it was given to us to give us the freedom to pay off the procedure in full, I am not sure I can allow her to sell it.  When we married, I became part of her family just as she did mine, but I don’t think that gives me the right to say what is done with the ring.  I know we were given it for this purpose, it just still feels weird.

My brain hurts!!!



2 Responses to “If only money grew on trees!”

  1. Peggy said

    Don’t feel weird, don’t feel weird! You know your inlaws. Those rings are doing us no good. I can see Kerry and Kristy maybe wanting one diamond each from that three diamond monstrosity ring, maybe, maybe not, – but the others ought to be used for some good purpose besides sitting in a safe deposit box. And you’ve been to our house. We have more “stuff” from parents, grandparents than any of you kids will want. And some of the stuff will appreciate in value as years go by and I don’t think diamonds will. And there is way more sentiment involved in some of the other “stuff”.

    And even if you get the price the jeweler said is the most fair to buyer and seller, it’s not going to pay all of the IVF at the 50% Kerry’s share. OK, thinking what Kerry said last night, maybe it would. And all your family on Kerry’s side would be really happy about that!!

    Also wanted to tell you I loved your “weight of the world” comment. Talking, writing, communicating is as necessary for Kerry as breathing. We’re so happy you are there for her.

    “They” always say diamonds are good investments. Just wish it was easier to merchandise them! Go for it, please – with our love

  2. Kristy said

    You should feel weird – you are (HA)! But then that’s why you fit into our family so well!

    Although I’ve gotton many laughs out of seeing dad sport his “bling” ring with his garage-sale duds, I’d have to say the novelty has probably worn off. And we’ll always have the memories!

    In other words, don’t feel weird about selling it! Unless you are secretly wanting to follow in dad’s footsteps and rock that ring with your kooky screen tees (love ya, brother!), take the money and run! Seriously, don’t give it another thought. We want you to have that baby you deserve, and to still be able to afford to come and see us!

    Love, Kristy (and Joel)

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