$708.51…for a co-pay?!?!?

July 10, 2008

IVP just called.  They are an online pharmacy that supplies drugs for for IVF and IUI.  They called with the amount of our co-pay for the order, and it’s $708.51.

I just told Jeff, and he about DIED!!!  He said, “that’s not a co-pay honey, $25.00 is a co-pay!!!”  LOL!  Not when you’re talking about over $3K worth of nine different kinds of medication.  =/

I’m not complaining.  At all.  We never had infertility coverage before I was hired on permanently at Level 3, and for that, Jeff and I are so very thankful.  Of course, this will still be a large financial burden on us (we’re still trying to sort it all out), but it could be worse.  We have at least $5K in infertility coverage, and are just waiting to find out if the medication coverage is inclusive of that $5K, or separate.  Of course, we’re hoping for separate.  =)



2 Responses to “$708.51…for a co-pay?!?!?”

  1. Lanie said

    Sorry to hear about the crap-a$$ copay. Just think . . . combine that with the IVF costs, and you’ll get that big health write off on your taxes this year. It’s something, right???

  2. Beth K said

    After we did our last IVF with follistem I found out that if we had asked for the other one (darn, can’t remember what it’s called… starts with a G?) the other one would have been covered by insurance. Also found out the special BCP they perscribed me had a generic. If you still have time – research the drugs and find out which is costing the most if there is a different brand that’s chaper.

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