Normal? Who me?!?

July 9, 2008

I am feeling so much better about this whole IVF thing today.  I have my amazing husband and kickass friends to thank for that.  I now realize that my freak out was normal (whatever that means), and most of the people who talked to me about it said that if I wasn’t freaking out, they would be worried about me.

I was so excited about going in for my acupuncture appointment this morning.  I started seeing an acupuncturist a little over a year ago (this is actually my second one, the first one is too far away from home/work), and I believe it has done wonders for me.  It’s one hour once a week where I can totally focus on everything going on in my life.  I can decompress, meditate, or just sleep.  A lot of people are freaked out by the notion of having needles stuck in different places on your body, but believe me when I say that it is soooo relaxing.

Anyway, on the way to my acupuncturist, this a-hole cut me off in traffic.  Whatever.  I’m used to douchebag drivers (I live in Colorado).  THEN, the dickhead slammed on his brakes, made a sharp right-hand turn, and flipped me off through his sunroof.  WTF?  You cut me off, jerkoff!  Anyway, I don’t know if it was yesterday, the birth control pills, or the combination of both that made me start bawling hysterically.  When I finally got to my acupuncturist (Carol), I had composed myself, only to find out that my appointment is tomorrow, not today.  Oh shit.  Here come the tears again.  Well, they worked – she squeezed me in for a full appointment this morning (bless her heart, I think she felt sorry for me – I told her about the a-hole).

Anyway, I told Carol about my anxiety issues from the past few days, and after my session, she stuck these little bandaid-looking things on my ears.  Underneath the adhesive tape is a small seed.  It’s a seed from the Vaccaria plant.  She did this to stimulate my ear acupuncture points whenever I’m feeling a little bit anxious or nervous about something, and you know what?  It works!  Auricular therapy (ear acupuncture) is known in Chinese medicine to stimulate the release of endorphins, and after today I am a believer.  I wonder if I can buy these things?  Seriously.

I never said I was normal, did I?  =)



4 Responses to “Normal? Who me?!?”

  1. Megan said

    I am so glad that she was able to squeeze you in and those ‘magic seeds’ worked. Sorry about the a-hole driver- stuff like that does get to people with big hearts 🙂 You need all the relaxing mojo you can get!!

  2. Ashley said

    Amen sister to the acupuncture! I quit smoking with the help of the ear needles. Keep pushing them, they really work! Miss you and hope your week goes smoothly!

  3. ehiwv said

    i’ve been getting acupuncture for the past month and i love it. she always starts the needles in my right ear. ahhhhhh.

  4. Lanie said

    I’m telling you – those hormonal, drug-driven crying jags will get you somewhere.

    Sorry about the a-hole driver. Glad you got in for the acu. I love my ear buds too.

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