Test results

July 7, 2008

These won’t mean much to any of you who aren’t dealing with infertility, but I got my test results back from the blood work I had done on Saturday – this is what the nurse emailed me – “labs from this weekend were all normal – FSH 5, E2 55, TSH 1.23, Prolactin 23, and Free T4 1.009…all looks great!”

YAY!!!!  I can’t believe my FSH (egg quantity and quality) actually went DOWN (it was 7).  Going down is good when you are talking about FSH, as not to confuse you all.

Another thing we changed today is our tentative egg retrieval date.  It got pushed to August 4th, and that was my doing.  You see, back in February I bought some concert tickets to go see the Dave Matthews Band concert in Omaha, figuring I could squeeze in a mini-vacay to hang with my sister at the same time (and take her to the concert as an early 30th birthday gift).  When I asked the IVF nurse about the dates I was going to be gone, she told me I would potentially have an appointment for monitoring on the 22nd (the day of the actual concert).  No big deal, I thought – I’ll just cancel my plans to go to Omaha and give my tickets to my sis.  But wait – the IVF nurse told me that we could extend my birth control pills two more days, thus pushing back the date I would need to come in for monitoring to the 24th (the day after I come back).  When I told her that our priority was IVF, she reminded me that this may be the last time in a long, long while that I’m able to just jet (well, drive) off to see my favorite band perform.  My friend, Catherine, agreed.  Jeff agreed.  So it’s settled.  I will go to see my favorite band and my favorite sister on July 21-23, and then it’s ON!!!  Tentative egg retrieval date is now August 4th.



7 Responses to “Test results”

  1. Beth said

    Good for your for taking charge of your dates! There are so many times the process directs you and your activities that it’s nice to take control when you can!! Enjoy the trip/concert 🙂

  2. Beth K said

    Just realized you have TWO Beth’s following your journey – I’ll be Beth “K” now 🙂

  3. liz said

    dude…that’s less than a month from now! so exciting!

  4. Nicole said

    very cool! I still think you should put up a ticker!!!

  5. jkmastera said

    Nic, I’ll make a deal with you – I’ll put up a ticker when I’m actually pregnant. Deal?


  6. Lanie said

    August 4th, huh? You just want to share an ER with my sis and an ET with me, don’t ya???

    Yeah for getting to do the concert!

  7. Brenda said

    Yay for having a date! I’m sure the next 4 weeks will fly by!

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