Sweet dreams…not so much

July 7, 2008

Oh my GOD, I had the most bizarre dream last night.

To preface what my dream is about, I must tell you all that for some reason, as I was trying to fall asleep last night, I was having major anxiety issues.  When Jeff asked what I was thinking about to provoke this bout of anxiety, I told him.  I was thinking about possibly starting this yoga class tomorrow that is open to women who are going through IVF, or other infertility treatments.  WTF?  I was thinking about taking a yoga class, and I got anxious?!?!?  That doesn’t make any sense.

My dream:

I dreamt that I was back in Lexington (my hometown) with an unknown friend.  We were at someones house, and I was wasted.  For some reason, we got in a car, and I was in the driver’s seat (I would NEVER drive drunk, so I don’t know where this came from).  Then, I started driving BACKWARDS.  Swerving all over the place, and knowing good and well that I was blitzed out of my mind.  Long dream short, I ended up getting pulled over and hauled off to jail.  The lady who was showing me around the jail told me that I would be losing my job at Level 3, therefore losing the small amount of coverage we have for IVF.  I was hysterical, not even worried that I had just been picked up for a DUI, but worried about our coverage for IVF.  When I got to make my phone call, I called Jeff, and he acted like it was no big deal.  Then I woke up.

I don’t know what the hell this dream signifies, but possibly it’s just pointing out (once again) that I stress out about things that are beyond my control, and Jeff is always the calm, collected one in our relationship.

Anyway…weird huh?



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