Holy crap, this is really happening!

July 3, 2008

Well dammit!  Earlier this afternoon, I had typed out this super long post all about my phone call with the IVF nurse today.  I was going to tell you all word for word what she told me, and I even typed out a little time line of all of our appointments and tentative egg retrieval date.  Then, my dumb ass deleted it!  It was totally and completely my fault, and I feel like such a dipshit!

Jeff and I just got back from a wedding, and we’re exhauted, so I’ll post more later…but I will leave you with this – we have a tentative egg retrieval date – AUGUST 2ND!!!!!  I seriously can’t believe this is finally happening, we are so excited, it’s hard to put all of our feelings into words.  We told a bunch of friends at the wedding tonight (a lot of my old co-workers), and everyone was so supportive, I could just feel the positive energy and love.  Every single one of the people who we told were so hopeful and excited for us, and that just made us even more hopeful and ready to start this process!!!




2 Responses to “Holy crap, this is really happening!”

  1. Nicole said

    sucky you lost your post but YEA for August 2nd! you should put a ticker in your blog for a countdown!!!

  2. maydaygirl said

    August second is soooo sooon!!!!!!!!!!!

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