Still nothing.

July 2, 2008

Of course, now I’m getting my hopes up (just a little bit) that I might be pregnant.  Of course, I also know that the likelihood of that actually being the case is very, very low.  I haven’t had a 32-day cycle in over a year – last time I did I was awaiting an IUI the next month, so I think my body was messing with me.  That’s just mean.

Speaking of being mean, that’s just me lately.  I am so bitchy.  I don’t know if it has to do with AF coming, AF not coming, all of this damn waiting, or what.  If you’re reading this honey, I’m so sorry I’ve been a pain to deal with lately.  This is one part of infertility (the mood swings) I wouldn’t wish on even the strongest of couples.  Jeff and I have one of the strongest, most loving marriages out of anyone I know, but all of this junk has definitely put a strain on certain aspects of our marriage, and it has really tested us in every aspect of our marriage.  I thank my lucky stars every day that we are in this together, because I know that I couldn’t handle all of the stress, sadness, and now, this feeling like I’m “broken” without him. 

I’ll keep you all updated.



2 Responses to “Still nothing.”

  1. Beth said

    Aww jeez, Kerry!! AF is such a bitch. I love ya sweetie.

  2. Jeff said

    Mean? If you were being mean to me I honestly didn’t notice. Maybe my mind is just too caught up in the stress, anxiety, or whatever others feelings are going through my head, but I really did not think you were (or are) hard to deal with at all. I Love You! I am thankful every day that I found you. I doubt I ever could have found a better person to live my life with.

    And without you, my life would boring!!!

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