Have a great weekend (maybe).

June 30, 2008

So Kerry and I were talking earlier and a comment was made that “this is putting a damper and a hold on our life”.  Kind of sums it up at times. 

We were invited up for a birthday weekend in the mountains the weekend after the 4th.  We would have been climbing a 14er and having an all around good time with a few other couples.  Turns out that we may be needing to go to the RE that weekend instead.  As much as I want to go to the mountains, I have to put things in to perspective.  Having a baby has been the one thing that has caused the most stress in our marriage, and I would gladly turn down a weekend with friends (sounds bad, but I know everyone understands) to spend the time with my wife at the RE.

Many times we have had to cancel plans or leave early because of what we are going through.  A lot of those times was because of money – I guess that happens when your insurance doesn’t cover ANYTHING.  Lukily that isn’t the case any longer, but now we may still have to cancel.  Again, I would gladly…it’s just hard at times when you feel like you cancel plans all the time.  I know I get sick of saying, “sorry we have no money”, or “we have an appointment early the next morning”, or “we’re too tired because we had an appt this morning”…  One of these days all of this will be behind us and it will have all been worth it.  I just hope everyone understands.



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