Okay, one more post today…

June 26, 2008

…but this is mostly a vent.  Can I just say how damn annoying it is to hear that a couple is trying to conceive when their marriage is held together by a small thread?  ARGH!!!!!!!!!  Soooo annoying!  You know why it’s annoying?  Because, statistically they have a much better chance at getting pregnant than Jeff and I ever did, and it’s always our luck that these type of people ALWAYS get knocked up the first or second month (or they complain that it’s “taking too long, waaaaaah, waaaaaah, waaaaaah”)!

And one more minor annoyance if I may…

If you have a baby, or babies, please for the love of GOD do not tell me that I’m “lucky” because I don’t have to deal with baby puke, poop, pee, excessive crying, lack of sleep, or anything else that is synonymous with having a baby.  I’m not saying I won’t complain when all of this happens to Jeff and I (that would be anything short of a miracle), but thinking that this is something that’s acceptable to say to someone in my position is just plain ignorant. 

Ugh.  Vent(s) over.



One Response to “Okay, one more post today…”

  1. I’m sorry to tell you that this never goes away. Even now that we’re adopting we will most likely get to deal with the lovely puke – people STILL tell me how lucky I am I didn’t have to be pregnant or go through labor. They just don’t get it… and never will :/

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